NEET (UG) – 2022

Questions & Answers


  1. Identify the wrong statement with regard to Restriction Enzymes.
    (1) They cut the strand of DNA at palindromic sites.
    (2) They are useful in genetic engineering.
    (3) Sticky ends can be joined by using DNA ligases.
    (4) Each restriction enzyme functions by inspecting the length of a DNA sequence
  2.  The infectious stage of Plasmodium that enters the human body is
    (1) Sporozoites
    (2) Female gametocytes
    (3) Male gametocytes
    (4) Trophozoites
  3. Meiotic division of the secondary oocyte is completed
    (1) At the time of copulation
    (2) After zygote formation
    (3) At the time of fusion of a sperm with an ovum
    (4) Prior to ovulation
  4.  The oxygenation activity of RuBisCo enzyme in photorespiration leads to the formation of
    (1) 1 molecule of 3-C compound
    (2) 1 molecule of 6-C compound
    (3) 1 molecule of 4-C compound and 1 molecule of 2-C compound
    (4) 2 molecules of 3-C compound
  5. Which of the following statemennts are true for the phylum-Chordata?
    (a) In Urochordata notochord extends from head to tail and it is present throughout their life.
    (b) In Vertebrata notochord is present during the embryonic period only.
    (c) Central nervous system is dorsal and hollow.
    (d) Chordata is divided into 3 subphyla : Hemichordata, Tunicata
  6. Which of the following pairs is of unicellular algae?
    (1) Gelidium and Gracilaria
    (2) Anabaena and Volvox
    (3) Chlorella and Spirulina
    (4) Laminaria and Sargassum
  7.  In light reaction, plastoquinone facilitates the transfer of electrons from
    (1) Cytb6f complex to PS-I
    (2) PS-I to NADP+
    (3) PS-I to ATP synthase
    (4) PS-II to Cytb6f complex
  8. Presence of which of the following conditions in urine are indicative of Diabetes Mellitus?
    (1) Uremia and Renal Calculi
    (2) Ketonuria and Glycosuria
    (3) Renal calculi and Hyperglycaemia
    (4) Uremia and Ketonuria
  9. Which of the following is not an attribute of a population?
    (1) Natality
    (2) Mortality
    (3) Species interaction
    (4) Sex ratio
  10. Which of the following statements about inclusion bodies in incorrect?
    (1) These are involved in ingestion of food particles
    (2) They lie free in the cytoplasm
    (3) These represent reserve material in cytoplasm
    (4) They are not bound by any membrane
  11. The transverse section of a plant shows following anatomical features :
    (a) Large number of scattered vascular bundles surrounded by bundle sheath
    (b) Large conspicuous parenchymatous ground tissue
    (c) Vascular bundles conjoint and closed
    (d) Phloem parenchyma absent
    Identify the category of plant and its part :
    (1) Monocotyledonous root
    (2) Dicotyledonous stem
    (3) Dicotyledonous root
    (4) Monocotyledonous stem
  12.  In relation to Gross primary productivity and Net primary productivity of an ecosystem,
    which one of the following statements is correct?
    (1) Gross primary productivity is always more than net primary productivity
    (2) Gross primary productivity and Net primary productivity are one and same
    (3) There is no relationship between Gross primary productivity and Net primaryproductivity
    (4) Gross primary productivity is always less than net primary productivity
  13. In water hyacinth and water lily, pollination takes place by :
    (1) Water currents only
    (2) Wind and water
    (3) Insects and water
    (4) Insects or wind
  14.  Which of the following is put into Anaerobic sludge digester for further sewage treatment?
    (1) Floating debris
    (2) Effluents of primary treatment
    (3) Activated sludge
    (4) Primary sludge
  15. The process responsible for facilitating loss
    of water in liquid form from the tip of grass
    blades at night and in early morning is
    (1) Root pressure (2) Imbibition
    (3) Plasmolysis (4) Transpiration
  16. Cuboidal epithelium with brush border of microvilli is found in
    (1) Ducts of salivary glands
    (2) Proximal convoluted tubule of nephron
    (3) Eustachian tube
    (4) Lining of intestine
  17.  Select the correct statement.
    (1) Glucagon is associated with hypoglycemia.
    (2) Insulin acts on pancreatic cells and adipocytes.
    (3) Insulin is associated with hyperglycemia.
    (4) Glucocorticoids stimulate gluconeogenesis.
  18. Which of the following is not an inhibitory substance governing seed dormancy?
    (1) Abscisic acid
    (2) Phenolic acid
    (3) Para-ascorbic acid
    (4) Gibberellic acid
  19.  According to Robert May, the global species diversity is about
    (1) 20 million (2) 50 million
    (3) 7 million (4) 1.5 million
  20.  Match the trophic levels with their correct
    species examples in grassland ecosystem.
    (a) Fourth trophic level (i) Crow
    (b) Second trophic level (ii) Vulture
    (c) First trophic level (iii) Rabbit
    (d) Third trophic level (iv) Grass





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