CURRENT AFFAIRS (01/11/2021)



1.Who Is Going To Represent Our Country In 2nd Session Of  G-20 Submit On Climate Changes ?

Narendra Modi

NOTE:  The summit has a session on the global economy and global health where G-20 leaders will expressed their views on the issues.

2.The Shipping Ministry has inaugurated a ‘Direct Port Entry Facility’ at which major port in tamilnadu ?

V.O.Chidambaranar Port

NOTE: ‘Direct Port Entry (DPE)’ will help in increasing Ease of Doing Business for the exporters. The facility is expected to lower tariff cost and improve the competitiveness of shipper in the international trade. This will also align it on the lines of ‘Maritime Vision 2030’ of Ministry of Shipping.

3.India has signed a Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) with which country in recent times?

United states of america (USA)

NOTE: The agreement gives India access to classified geo–spatial data as well as critical information having significant military applications from the United States. This is a long–negotiated defence pact.

4.What will be the fiscal deficit of the Centre at the end of the first half of Financial  year 2022?

Rs.5.26 lakh crore

5.Which country is going to  launch its trade promotion event ‘Time for India’ to boost bilateral trade with India?


NOTE: A Swedish diplomatic and economic delegation to Sweden along with the Indian embassy in Stockholm will launch a promotional campaign for Indian business development .The Swedish Ambassador in India  Klas Molin has announced that Sweden does not require any  kind of vaccination from international migrants including those from India. Sweden and India has a friendly relationship.

6.What is the name of our country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC) ?

INS Vikrant

7.Who launched the scheme ” illamthedi kalvi ” a new initiative in education system?

Muthuvel Karunanithi Stalin

NOTE: The scheme was  launched to recure the learning gap that had arisen among students due to the shutdown of schools during the pandemic-situation lockdown.

8.Which state has topped the state energy efficiency index(SEEI) 2020?


9.What is the name of indigenously built indian coast gaurd ship (ICGS) dedicated to nation?


10.which state government has announced to celebrate its statehood day on18th july?


NOTE : Madras state was created on 18 July 1956 by the great leader Arignar Anna. On 14 January 1969, Madras State was officially renamed to Tamil Nadu.


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