CURRENT AFFAIRS (22.10.2021)



  1. The bilateral maritime exercise ‘Samudra Shakti’ was conducted by India
    and – INDONESIA
  2. The ‘Ajeya Warrior’ Defence exercise is held between India and which country? –  UNITED KINGDOM(UK)
  3. President’s Tatrakshak Medal is awarded to which armed force? – COAST GUARD
  4. Which Organization  releases the ‘Fiscal Monitor’ Report? – INTERNATIONAL  MONETARY FUND (IMF)
  5. As per Government’s recent notification released in 2021, what is the gestational limit for termination of pregnancy? – 24 weeks
  6. Which Organization has formed a Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins on Novel Pathogens (SAGO)? – WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO)
  7. In which state of india sela tunnel is located?  – ARUNACHAL PRADESH
  8. The world’s first movie in space, is being made by which country? – RUSSIA
  9. A K Goel, MD & CEO of UCO Bank has been recently elected as the Chairman of which body?- INDIAN BANK’s ASSOCIATION 
  10. “Extended Producer Responsibility” which is in news recently, is associated with?- PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT



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