CURRENT AFFAIRS (21/10/2021)



  1. Who is the first retired Judge of the Chennai High Court to be appointed as the Chairman of the Adi-Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Commission? – SIVAKUMAR
  2. When is World Food Day celebrated? –  OCTOBER-16
  3. What is the percentage growth of India’s exports last September? –  22.63%
  4.  Chief Secretary V.IRAIANBU , Anna Management Center  will be called ————– ?-ANNA ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF COLLEGE
  5. Which country has re-elected for the 6th time the chairmanship of the United Nations Human Rights Council? –  INDIA
  6. India and which  country  had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the research and development of coking coal used in steel production. RUSSIA
  7. The federal government has approved a plan to purchase,How megawatts of battery equipment as a pilot project.1000 MEGAWATTS
  8. In recent times,which country has sent 3 more rafale figths to india – DASSAULT
  9. In which country the researchers have discovered a new type of syringe that can be used to inject drugs using laser technology without a needle.- NETHERLANDS
  10. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Indian industrial output grew by a how many percentage in August? – 11.9%



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