Sample Question Paper

Class : IX                                                                                                                                         Subject : Social Science

I. Very short answer type question (1 to 10 question 1 marks only)

Q1. Which was the first white Indian cricket club?
(a) Oriental cricket club, Bombay
(b) Calcutta cricket club
(c) Chennai cricket club
(d) None of these
National women suffrage association was headed by whom?
(a) Lucy stone
(b) Brahimaika saree
(c) Mrs. Stanton
(d) None of these
Q2. From which of the following khadi was obtained?
(a) Silk
(b) Jute
(c) Homespun yarn
(d) None of these
When leg before law was implemented in India?
(a) 1700
(b) 1721
(c) 1774
(d) 1800

Q3. Which valley is called as “paradise on the earth?
(a) Brahmputara
(b) Indus valley
(c) Kashmir valley
(d) None of these
Q4. What is the duration of monsoon?
(a) 100-120 days
(b) 300days
(c) 30 days
(d) 7 days
Q5. According to ferrels law the winds turn in which direction in northern plan?
(a) Right
(b) Left
(c) South
(d) North
Q6. Wild ass is found in which place of India?
(a) Gulf of manner
(b) Runn of kuchha
(c) Arravali hills
(d) Sunder bans
Q7. India is divided in to how many constituencies?
(a) 543
(b) 423
(c) 79
(d) 500
Q8 Under which preside ship 27% of reservation was given to SEBC?
(a) Sarvapali Radha Krishnan
(b) Gyanijyal Singh
(c) V.V.Giri
(d) B.P. Mandel
Q9. A bill became law when the P.M. signs in it
(a) Majority in the supports of it
(b) Presidents sign on it
(c) Chief justice agree with it
(d) None of these
Q10. Which of the following right is available in our constitution?
(a) Right to work
(b) Right to live hood
(c) Right to protect one culture
(d) None of these

Q11. Which of the following is a secondary activity?
(a) Quarrying
(b) Communication
(c) Forestry
(d) Tourism
Q12. In which year SGSY was implemented in INDIA?
(a) 1999
(b) 1998
(c) 2000
(d) 1985
Q13. According to the report of 2001 which Country stood first in poverty?
(a) Indonesia
(b) Bangladesh
(c) Pakistan
(d) Nigeria
Q14. Earth quake in Bhuj was occurred in which year?
(a) 2001
(b) 2000
(c) 2003
(d) 2002
Q15. What do you mean by ARIDITY?
(A) Temporary condition of water scarcity
(b) Permanent condition of water scarcity
(c) Temporary condition of food scarcity
(d) Permanent condition of food scarcity
Q16. According to Indian constitution freedom to press right belong to which article?
(a) Article 20
(b) Article 17
(c) Article 18
(d) Article 19
Q17. When France becomes a constitutional monarchy? What was the political system on it?
Explain the role of Lenin in Russian revolution?
Why Nazism became popular on Germany in 1930?
Q18. Write a brief note on reign of terror .Why it was collapsed?
What were the impacts of First World War on 1917 Russian revolution?

In what ways did the Nazi state shock to establish total control over its people?
Q19. How forest was affected by wars?
How did the life of pastoralists changed under colonial rule?
Q20. How has an advance in technology, especially television technology affected the development of contemporary cricket?
How were the political symbols of the French revolution reflected in clothing?

II. Short answer type questions (3 marks)

Q21. What type of climate India has and why it is so?
Q22. How you can contribute to the protection of endangered animals and birds?

23.Explain the problems which arise due to unequal distribution of land?
24.How has human capital formation helped India
25.describe the role of philosophers in French Revolution
26.why Hitler committed to suicide is India a democratic country
28.what was apartheid

III. Long answer type questions (5 marks)
29.How did the northern plains come to existence? Also mention two features of these
30.What do you understand by human capital formation? Highlight two initiatives each of
Indian government to enhance health and education facilities?
31.What are the major features of poverty?
32.what were the outputs of French Revolution
33.what are the features of democracy South Africa become an example of a modern democratic country
35.locate the following on the given outline map of Europe
• Paris
• Austria
• Germany
36.On the outline political map of India, locate and label the following:
• Karakaroam range
• Anai mudi peak
• Chilika lake

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