Section A

1. (d) – 1804 – 1
2. (b) Bombay in march – 1
3. (a) Renewable resources (b) Non renewable resources 1
4. Energy and manure – 1
5. Vishakhapatnam – 1
6. (c) sinhalee – 1
7. (d) 6% vote of total votes in Lok Sabha or Assembly election of four
8. (c) Silcher and Porbandar – 1
9. (a) Transparent government – – 1
10. Eighth Schedule 1
11. Secondary Sector – 1
12. Deseice – 1
13. Ways to increase the income of Indian industrial workers better employment benefits – Paid, leave PF, medical etc. 1
14. (a) William I 1
15. Mahatma Gandhi or Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay 1
16. (a) Tertiary 1
17. (d) SHGs are organized by urban poor especially men 1
18. Alluvial soil 1
19. (d) Different social groups 1
20. Reserve Bank of India 1
21. Following were the dissimilarities between the processed of unification of Italy and Germany. 3
1. Piedmont was main state in unification of Italy but It was week state but Prussia was leading the German unification was powerful state.
2. Most of the Italian states were under great influence of Austria but Austria was only the head of German Confederation of States.
3. Bismark always favored the use force in the unification of Germany But Cavour hardly beloved in we of force in unification of Ital.
22. Business class participated in the civil disobedience movement because : 3
1. They wanted business free from colonial restrictions.
2. The business community interpreated swaraj in their own way.
3. They wanted protection against imports and foreign goods.
23. It gave the depressed classes scheduled castes reserve seats in provincial and central legislative councils. 3
24. Three flows identified by the economists during 19th century: 3
1. Flow of trade in good referred largely to trade in goods (wheat or clothes)
2. Flow of people (migration of people in search of employment)
3. Flow of capital for (short / long term investment)
1. ‘Availability of cotton growing regions Maharastra and Gujrat’
2. Moist climate suitable for spinning of yarh which is available in these two places
3. Transport, Market and accessibility of Mumbai port facilities.
25. Problems of rail transport : 3
1. Many passengers travel without tickets
2. Theft and damaging of railway property
3. Unnecessary chain pulling
4. Late running of trains
Importance of equitable distribution of resources :
1. For a sustained quality of life.
2. To eliminate the differences between rich and poor in the society.
3. To reduce poverty.
4. To maintain Global peace
5. To prevent our planed from danger
26. 1. If the value of exports exceed the value of imports the country is considered to have made advancement in international trade it is called favorable balance of trade. 3
2. Developed countries come in the category of favourable balance of trade. It is an index to its economics prosperity and considered the economics barometer of country.
3. The progress in international trade lead to economic prosperity.
27. 1. Explain the understanding of swaraj for plantation workers. 3
Right to move freely in and out of the confined space.
2. Plantation workers were not permitted to have move from tea gardens without permission.
3. They were caught by police and brutally beaten up.
28. 1. Freedom to start movement against ill practices. 3
2. Women empowerment through reservations and freedom.
3. Principle of equality can enhance the dignity of women.
29. 1. Rise of strong middle class 5
2. Commercial rivalries
3. Wars
4. Growth national languages
5. Decline of feudalism
Any other relevant point
30. First war responsible for the growth a new economic and political situations: 5
1. Increasing taxes
2. Customs duties income tax introduced
3. Through the war years prices increased
4. Villages were called upon to supply soldiers crops failed
31. 1. Location of India 5
2. Thar desert
3. Multiple uses
4. Universal and pollution free source of energy
5. cheap and easy to install
32. 1. Statutory reserve requirement 5
2. The RBI monitors that the bank actually maintain the cash balance
3. Central Bank is the lender of last resort
4. Increase in Bank rate.
5. Price control.







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