Sample Question Paper

English Core (301)
Term 1
Class – XII

Time: 90 Minutes                                                                                                           Max. Marks 40

General Instructions:
1. The Question Paper contains THREE sections.
2. Section A-READING has 18 questions. Attempt a total of 14 questions, as per specific
instructions for each question.
3. Section B-WRITING SKILLS has 12 questions. Attempt a total of 10 questions, as per
specific instructions for each question.
4. Section C-LITERATURE has 30 questions. Attempt 26 questions, as per specific instructions for
each question.
5. All questions carry equal marks.
6. There is no negative marking


 I. Read the passage given below.

I. Over the last five years, more companies have been actively looking for intern profiles, according to a 2018-19 survey by an online internship and training platform. This survey reveals that India had 80% more internship applications — with 2.2 million applications received in 2018 compared to 1.27 million in the year before. The trend was partly due to more industries looking to have fresh minds and ideas on existing projects for better
productivity. What was originally seen as a western concept, getting an internship before plunging into the job market, is fast gaining momentum at Indian workplaces.

II. According to the survey data, India’s National Capital Region has been the top provider of internships, with a total of 35% internship opportunities, followed by Mumbai and Bengaluru at 20% and 15%, respectively. This includes
opportunities in startups, MNCs and even government entities. The survey also revealed popular fields to find
internships in (Fig 1). There has been growing awareness among the students about the intern profiles sought by hiring companies that often look for people with real-time experience in management than B- school masters.

III. The stipend has been an important factor influencing the choice of internships. The survey data reveals that the average stipend offered to interns was recorded as ₹7000 while the maximum stipend went up to ₹85,000. According to statistics, a greater number of people considered virtual internships than in-office internships. Virtual internships got three times more applications than in-office, since a large chunk of students were the ones already
enrolled in various courses, or preferred working from home.

IV. Internship portals have sprung up in the last three to four years and many of them already report healthy traffic per month. Reports suggest that on an average, an internship portal company has around 200,000-plus students and some 8,000 companies registered on it. It gets around two lakh visits online every month. The Managing Director of a leading executive search firm says that though these web platforms are working as an effective bridge between the industry and students, most established companies are still reluctant to take too many interns on board for obvious reasons. ping-college students-

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer any six out of the eight questions
by choosing the correct option.
Q.11 Select the correct inference with reference to the following:
Over the last five years, more companies have been actively looking for intern profiles…
A. The past five years have seen active applications by interns to several companies.
B. The activity for intern profiling by the companies has reached a gradual downslide over the
past five years.
C. There were lesser companies searching for intern profiles earlier, as compared to those in
the recent five years.
D. Several companies have initiated intern profiling five times a year in the recent past.
Q.12 Select the central idea of the paragraph likely to precede paragraph I.
A. Process of registering for internships
B. Knowing more about internships
C. Dos and Don’ts for an internship interview
D. Startups and internships
Q.13 Select the option that displays the true statement with reference to Fig 1.
A. Internships for Engineering and Management are the top two favorites.
B. Design & Architecture internships are significantly more popular than Others.
C. Internships for Media and Others have nearly equal popularity percentage.
D. Management internships’ popularity is more than twice that for Media.


III. Answer any four out of the five questions given, with reference to the context below.
The President of R.W.A. Chelavoor Heights, Kozhikode, has to put up a notice to inform residents
about a power-cut for their residential area.
Q.19 Select the appropriate title for the notice.
A. Choosing Own Power Cuts
B. Scheduled Power Cut
C. The Need to Save Power
D. Power and Resident Safety
Q.20 Select the option that lists the most accurate opening for this notice.
A. Greetings and attention please, to one and all in Chelavoor Heights.
B. This notice is written to share some news with you all about…
C. This is to inform all the residents of Chelavoor Heights about…
D. I wish to share with all officials of R.W.A. Chelavoor Heights that…
Q.21 Select the option with the information points to be included in the body of the notice.
(1) Opinion about regular power cuts
(2) Resolution for power cuts
(3) Reason for the power cut
(4) Timings of the power cut
(5) Complaint against regular power cuts
(6) Date of the power cut
A. (1) and (4)
B. (2), (3) and (5)
C. (2) and (6)
D. (3), (4) and (6)
Q.22 Would this notice reflect the name of the R.W.A?
A. Yes, because it is the issuing body.
B. No, because it is understood through the signature.
C. Yes, because it makes it informal.
D. No, because the title makes it clear.
Q.23 Select the appropriate conclusion for this notice.
A. Stay informed.
B. Collaboration solicited.
C. Stay prepared.
D. Inconvenience regretted.

IV. Answer any six of the seven questions given, with reference to the context below.

Venu is a member of Co-existence, a school club that actively promotes animal rights and care. He
has to write an article emphasising the need for prevention of cruelty to animals and peaceful coexistence
between animals and human beings.

Q.24 Select the option that lists an appropriate title for Venu’s article.
A. Man and Animal-A Struggle to Co-exist
B. The Rehabilitation and Conservation of Species
C. Remodelling the Future by Peaceful Co-existence
D. Smart Moves- Survival of the Fittest





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