CBSE Recent Notification – 2021



Cbse has released a Notification on (08.08.2021), for Students who are not satisfied with the assessment, done based on the policy will be given an opportunity to appear in the examinations to be conducted by the board when conditions are conducive for holding the examinations. As per this policy, marks scored in later examination will be considered as final.

As Per Notification,

      Dispute regarding computation of results will be referred to a committee constituted by CBSE.

                                TYPES OF DISPUTES/CASES COVERED


Disputes regarding computation of results

The result has been prepared by the Result Committee constituted as per the directions of the CBSE by taking the following %age of components –


Class XII



Marks based on Unit Test/Mid-Term/Pre-Board Exam





Class XI



Marks based on theory component of final exam





Class X

 Marks based on average theory component of best three performing subjects out of main 5 subjects  


The Result Committee has prepared the result and uploaded on the website of CBSE for its computation. In case, candidate(s) feel that they are not satisfied with their marks awarded, they can make the representation to the principal of the school for verification and reply by the school to the candidate concerned.




Once any Result Committee, herself i.e. without any representation from any student observed that mistake has been committed by them in calculation/feeding the marks / any other factual mistake.



The Policy has been approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India vide its order dated (17.06.2021). Result has been prepared by all the Result Committee in compliance of the approved Tabulation Policy. Dispute if any against the policy will fall under this category.


(No Mistake cases)

  • As this issue is related to the candidates hence, the process will start with an application from the student enumerating the complete details of their claims and grounds thereof.
  • School will record the receipt of representation offline or online and will maintain records.
  • The same Result Committee which was involved in the preparation of result will verify the facts given by the candidates strictly in the light of policy. The committee will check all the records and rationale document before deciding on the claim of the student.
  • There could be following two outcomes after verification of the facts: –

1.Result declared is found correct (TYPE-1)

          2.Result declared is not found correct (TYPE-2)

  • In case, result declaration is found correct, a reply will be sent to the candidate concerned that Result Committee after verifying the records has found that result declared is as per policy and no mistake has been found. Hence, dispute is resolved.

         (Mistake cases)


·               When mistake was observed by the Result Committee on receipt of representation from a student, result Committee will inform the same to the principal of the school along with all the records and how the mistake occurred and what would have been the effect of the claim on the marks of other students at the time of actual moderation and submission of marks at earlier stage. The principal of the school / Chairperson of the committee will mark the representation to the concerned Regional Office. Now, this dispute will become the Type-2.

·                The report of school in respect of Type-2 cases will be dealt with in the confidential section at the Regional Office strictly in the light of policy and the matter will be decided by the RO in the light of existing guidelines strictly in the light of policy. Necessary Updation of result tabulation sheet will be done by the Regional Office and a compilation of all such cases will be sent to the Head quarter for Updation of the result with recommendations.

·               This application of the school will be sent to the Regional Office through the “School Request Submission for Resolution (SRSR)” system only, link of which will be available in the SCHOOL LOG-IN. While submitting such claims the school shall select appropriate class and “TYPE-2 (DISPUTES REGARDING COMPUTATION OF RESULTS)” on the web link


·      School will send detail request with records to the Regional Office concerned through the “School Request Submission for Resolution (SRSR)” system only, link of which will be available in the SCHOOL LOG-IN. While submitting such claims the school shall select appropriate class and “TYPE-3 (WRONG COMPUTATION/UPLOADING OF RESULT)” on the web link.

·      A committee comprising the following will verify the facts and the correctness of the representation: –

o   Deputy Commissioner KVS / NVS / Deputy Director, State Education Department / City Coordinator

o   Assistant Secretary Exam, CBSE

o   Principal KVS/NVS

o   Principal of Independent School


·      This application of the school will be sent to the Board through the “School Request Submission for Resolution (SRSR)” system only, link of which will be available in the SCHOOL LOG-IN. While submitting such claims the school shall select appropriate class and “TYPE-4 (DISPUTES REGARDING POLICY)” on the web link.

·      The claim shall contain complete details of claim in clear comprehensible terms.

·       Disputes will be placed before the following committee: –

o   An officer of the Board not below the rank of a Joint Secretary.

o   An officer of the Board not below the rank of a Deputy Secretary.

o   A Retired Principal of an affiliated school.

·      The committee will submit its recommendation to the Controller of Examinations. The same will be verified and appropriate decision will be taken by the Controller of Examinations.

·      If representation is not found correct, CBSE, Coordination unit will reply to the school concerned.

·      If representation is found correct, Coordination Unit, HQ will take necessary further action.

Other Important instructions

·      It may be noted that students are not at the liberty to challenge the method of computation of marks used by the Result Committee or the moderation implemented by the school for increasing/decreasing of marks.

·      Students/school will mention clearly the name of examination i.e., Class X / XII in the subject matter of the representation.

·      Representation should consist of all vital information in the following chronological order:-

o   Class X / XII

o   Dispute raised and representation in clear and brief language

o   Facts, figure and record if any in support of the dispute.

o   Complete details of candidate viz Name, Roll No., School Name, Subject, Email and mobile number etc.

·      Disputes regarding Class XII will be addressed first and on priority basis.

·      Disputes regarding Class X will be addressed after clearance of Class XII cases.

·      Pressurizing the school/CBSE in any manner will invite action as per rules and bye-laws.

·      Students should refrain from submitting any representation against the policy.

·      As the current year result is the best in the past several years and as the result has been prepared and declared as per the approved policy, parents and students should not challenge the result without any valid ground.

·      Students who wish to apply for admission in any institution including Delhi University should apply before the last date of submission of application in the concerned institution without waiting the final disposal of their dispute. CBSE / School will not be responsible for any delay occurred due to the conditions beyond control.

·      Students who wish to appear in the compartment / optional examination conducted by CBSE should also apply for the same without waiting for the final disposal of their dispute.

·      Using derogatory language in the representation will invite cancellation of representation and the same will not be re-considered.

·      Decision taken by the Committee/CBSE will be final and binding on applicant candidates/school.

·      All the communication sent to CBSE earlier will not be considered and all concerned will be required to make the representation again by following the instructions given in this notification.

·      The school(s) concerned will be paid a fixed sum of Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) by the CBSE towards miscellaneous expenditure incurred for disposal of disputes.