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UPSC free study materials

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UPSC free study materials is the search of many Aspirants today on Internet who cannot spend more money in their learning process. They also think that preparing for UPSC – CSE is a very costly and daunting process. But the truth is its very simple and cheap. So to say you can make use of many free study material for UPSC.  UPSC don’t want their aspirants to know everything under sun, but common things which will make them work in an environment where they can use their knowledge and problem-solving ability under a pressurized situation to run the government offices, agencies and institutions hassle free.

What to study?

  • Start with NCERT. You are allowed to appear for UPSC – CSE only after your graduation (at least UG). But, most of the topics you see in the syllabus can be covered very easily with the help of your NCERT’s.

It is a free study material which is available at

You can just download it and study!!!

You can also buy a physical copy of NCERT.

It’s not free but you can buy these books for Rs.200-300 from Amazon.

May be all the Needed NCERTs altogether can be bought for less than Rs.5000/-

  • Next to NCERTs the very simple material you need to study is your Newspapers!

The Hindu is very popular among aspirants for its invaluable resource.

You can get your annual subscription for The Hindu along with Frontline Magazine for just Rs.1399/-. Magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra will also do for your additional knowledge.

After gaining some basics you can get into some core subject books like Indian Polity by M. Lakshmikanth, India since Independence by Bipin Chandra, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh and etc., (list of the books to study will be updated soon).

some other UPSC free study materials

  • Several online educational platforms offer upsc free study material, PDFs, and video lectures specifically designed for UPSC exam preparation. These free upsc study materials are often created by expert educators and are available for free on their platforms. Aspirants can access video lectures, e-books, notes, and practice quizzes to enhance their understanding and retention of important concepts.
  • The Government of India has initiated various programs to promote free education and make study materials accessible to all. Platforms such as SWAYAM, NPTEL, and e-PG Pathshala offer upsc free study material and online courses and study materials from esteemed educational institutions. These resources cover a wide range of subjects and can be extremely helpful for UPSC aspirants. Additionally, websites like PIB (Press Information Bureau) provide daily news analysis and government press releases that are valuable for current affairs preparation
  • YouTube has emerged as a treasure trove of educational content for upsc free study material and many channels are dedicated to UPSC exam preparation. Podcasts are also excellent sources of information that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Taking regular mock tests is an essential part of UPSC exam preparation. Several platforms offer free upsc test series to help candidates assess their progress and identify areas for improvement.

After passing your Preliminary Exam many Government and Private run Institutes(refer: are generous enough to give coaching for your Mains Preparation for free!!

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